Grand Hotel Villa de France

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Built at the end of the 18th century, the Grand Hotel Villa de France lies in the middle of what was once the prestigious diplomatic quarter of Tangier. This heritage building represents one of the most exclusive hotels in the world. It has hosted royals and celebrities such as his Highness the Duke of Guise, head of the French Royal House and many members of the British aristocracy such as Lord Bute.

The architecture of the Grand Hotel Villa de France, along with its fountains, terraces and gardens, today create a convivial, relaxing atmosphere in one of North Africa's most magical cities.

Let this enchanting property take you on a tour of the senses through its five-star service and culinary excellence. The oriental carpets, intricate woodwork, arcades and doorways will welcome you as you set foot in this magnificent property. Sip a hot tea with fresh mint and sample some of the fine sweet almond pastries in true Moroccan style while you admire the property's beauty.

The exotic gardens of the Grand Hotel Villa de France extend all the way to the nearby Saint Andrew's church which stands as a testament to Tangier's international flavour. With its 58 rooms and suites, the property offers a sublime experience and an unparalleled stay with a wonderfully mysterious ambiance.
Noteworthy as well is the view of the Bay of Tangier from Room 35, which was once a museum. This is where the great painter Matisse created his famous work 'Window at Tangier', better known by its French name 'Paysage vu d'une fenêtre'.