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Lying on the coast between the capital Tunis and the city of Sousse on the Cap Bon peninsula, the sophisticated beach resort of Hammamet is considered the St. Tropez of North Africa. Here's a truly exotic destination on the Mediterranean that combines long sandy beaches, warm weather, sumptuous food and colorful local traditions all in one. The area of Hammamet, which means 'baths' in Arabic, has been known since roman times for the healing waters in its mineral baths. The old town or Medina with its souvenir shops, bazaars and feisty locals offers a wonderful contrast to the first-class modern properties such as Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet.

But there are many attractions to this quaint seaside town, including the old fort or Kasbah, the cultural center, the Grand Mosque and the people themselves who are curious and friendly, if a little forward. Hammamet also has a more open culture compared to other destinations in the region, with nightlife, belly dancing and locally grown wines representing part of life and leisure. Perhaps its openness is due to the many civilizations that have swept through, such as the Romans, Spaniards, French and Arabs. The idyllic atmosphere is enhanced by the hills around town which afford a beautiful view, villas with sublime gardens and a myriad of different birds basking in the sun, as well as flora such as citrus trees, cactus, scented jasmine and palms which sway in the breeze.

A varied culinary surprise awaits every visitor, from the grilled fish, succulent meats, fluffy couscous and local salads to the almond sweets and hearty breakfasts – all of which the chefs of Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet excel in, by the way. Also worth mentioning is the International Festival held at the International Cultural Centre throughout July and August, giving culture seekers an extra dimension to appreciate.

There are attractions that are easily accessible from Hammamet and relatively close, such as the capital city of Tunis with its museums, bazaars and French influence, the ancient Roman settlement of Carthage, and the holy city of Kairouan, considered the oldest Islamic settlement with the first mosque of North Africa. It is a fascinatingly mystical walled city that has kept all its ancient architecture and religious traditions intact. The city of Sousse is also in close proximity, offering a Medina that is a UNESCO world heritage site, splendid beaches, museums and many others attractions for visitors. The choices are unlimited, and Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet will help you discover them all!