Le Royal Hotel - Hammamet


Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet lies directly on the beautiful blue beach of Yasmine Hammamet, only a hop from the marina. Nearby are Hammamet's Medina, Casino, cultural centre and golf clubs, while many of Tunisia's towns and cities, including the capital Tunis, are just half an hour away or less.


El Djem is home to some of the most impressive Roman structures that still exist in Africa. Visit the amphitheatre, nearly as big as Rome's Coliseum. Neither photographs nor descriptions can prepare you for the vast immensity of this monument as it looms out of a horizon of olives. It is also renowned for the filming of the famous movie "Gladiator".


Founded by a Phoenician princess, Carthage became the capital of the great Carthaginian Empire. Discover the Salammbo Tophet, Punic Harbor, Roman and Palaeo-Christian Museum as well as the amphitheatres and thermal Antonine baths, which were once a big hit in the area. Carthage is located on an arrowhead shaped peninsula in Tunis, offering a rewarding and enriching experience.


Designed by Californian gold architect Ronald Fream, the Golf Yasmine offers wide teeing spaces, with sophisticated watering and irrigation systems designed to keep it in top shape all year round. This is a large course with a convivial clubhouse that operates along international standards, which is easy to book through Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet


The Bardo is Tunisia's National Museum, home to the country's rich archeological collections. It is particularly renowned for its mosaics. Aside from the exhibitions of Islamic art, ceramics and mosaics, the Bardo itself is of interest. The collections are housed in the old Beylical Palace, its 18th and 19th century interior decorations are an intriguing combination of Hispano-Moresque and Ottoman Rococo


Located in Kairouan, the most sacred city in Tunisia and Islam's fourth most important center after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. This Mosque is a star attraction with its 400 marble pillars and one of the world's oldest pulpits, with 250 carved wooden panels. Originally constructed in AD 670, the exiting building was built by the Aghlabids in AD 863


A waterfall of white house’s cascading down Jebel Manar beckons visitors to its web of cobbled stunning alleyways. The village remains breathtaking with its uniformed white washed walls and carved stone blue doorways that are interrupted by sunbursts of magenta bougainvillea. You will find many fantastically situated cafes and restaurants overlooking the gulf of Tunis as well as markets selling souvenirs, artisan shops and local pastries


Also known as Sebastian's Villa, the International Cultural Centre was appreciated by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Relax in its waterside cafe and take a walk in its lovely park after admiring the contents or enjoying the current cultural event


Especially exciting if you have children, Friguia park is a quiet zoo with nature all around. Take a camera with you and stroll through the park, looking at the big cats and other animals, while admiring the sculptures and nature onsite as well. The reception at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet will gladly help organize your trip


Djerba is known as; "The land of the Lotus Eaters," with its intensively cultivated farms. Sprinkled with palm, fig and olive trees, this island seems luxuriant in comparison to mainland. The traditional architecture of the island offers a large number of small mosques, sunken weaver workshops and beautiful sandy beaches.


A spectacular peninsula lying between the Gulf of Tunis and the Gulf of Hammamet, some people refer to it as; "The garden of Tunisia." It is a beautiful area and a must see attraction.