Le Royal Hotel - Hammamet

About Tunisia


When you mix North-African mystique with Ottoman heritage and French flair, you get Tunisia, a land of sea breezes, the scent of jasmine and deep rooted traditions lying on a stunningly clean Mediterranean. Warm and humble people await your visit to their eclectic land, where old souks, magical bazaars and exotic flavors welcome you with open arms. Your palate will revel in a hearty couscous, fresh fish, sweet tea and delicious almond pastries, set against Moorish architecture, minarets and sublime sunshine. You'll also be exposed to Roman ruins, wonderful museums, long beaches, captivating nature and rich heritage. This is why Le Royal Hotels & Resorts has chosen to establish itself in the country, the meeting place of nature, culture, leisure and hospitality.

Tunisia has a typically Mediterranean climate, even if a bit on the warmer side, with dry, hot summers and balmy winters. Spring is a wonderful time to visit if you like warm weather without too much heat, while summer is more dynamic and lively, thanks to flocking tourists from Europe and certain festivals. In fall the deserts and sand dunes are worth a visit, while November is ideal for taking part in the music festivals.
Overall, at any time of the year, enjoying the country and communicating with the people is a pleasure, particularly if you're staying at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet.

While the official language is Arabic, French is also widely spoken in the cities, although more in the northern parts of the country than in the south. English is of course gaining ground as a language for tourism or business, especially with the younger generation. Even German can be heard by locals who attempt to converse with German-speaking tourists.

Overall, Tunisia is a welcoming place that's well worth visiting, whether for the sun, sea and sand element, or for the culture, heritage and history. And Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Hammamet has all these to offer. Last but not least, the food and drink will add pleasure to any visitor's stay.